Is there an alternative to counselling?

It seems like whenever someone is in crisis these days they turn to a counsellor. Counselling certainly helps. Initially, it's good to get how we feel off our chests but talking about a problem using our limited conscious mind will send us round and round in circles with our counsellor following. 

Our conscious mind is aware of 40 bits of information per second. Our subconscious, which contains our belief systems and causes us to act the way we do is aware of 11 million bits of information per second.

Trying to find the cause of our problem by talking about it is virtually impossible. We go to a counsellor thinking we know what we need help for yet the real cause is somewhere in the maze of the subconscious mind.

If we knew what we needed to free ourselves of our issue or heal past trauma we'd have done it by now. When we go for counselling are we looking in the wrong place?

There are a lot of counsellors here in Brighton. Many people chose a counsellor either because they have been recommended or because they don't realise that there are other alternatives out there.

The counselling chair you sit on becomes an anchor, the very sight of which reminds you of your problem

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or 'Tapping' was created by Gary Craig in the 1990’s. EFT allows you to access negative emotions by tapping on energy points as you focus on your problem. The tapping sends a signal to the brain that it’s ok to let the issue go and brings the body’s energy system back into balance.

EFT is a unique form of emotional healing. During sessions the layers of the problem are quickly unveiled and the core issue revealed - the emotional charge is taken out of the issue.

EFT is the complete form of therapy

EFT has its roots in kinesiology and incorporates acupressure points, NLP modalities and energy therapy and has evolved into a complete therapy in its own right. It is backed by much scientific based evidence and EFT therapists are reporting a high success rate. This is because when we use the EFT method we are in tune with the laws of the universe.

Energy Healing is in harmony with the laws of the universe

Einstein discovered the fact that everything in our world is made of energy. If you look at any object you will see atoms that vibrate at different frequencies. Even our thoughts and our belief systems vibrate at a certain frequency. The EFT tapping points allow us to interrupt negative thoughts and thus, change our perspectives. When we tap and say openly how we feel about an issue that has been bothering us we will feel differently about the issue and our energy system will be brought back to balance.

When you use EFT with Ho'oponopono you will begin to see your world in a different light....

Ho’oponopono – our outer world is a reflection of our inner world

Life events happen and people that have a negative effect on us come into our lives for a reason. They show us exactly where to work to heal any problem in our lives. The clue lies in our emotional response. When we feel emotional about anything in our lives it's a reflection of what’s going on inside us.

It stands to reason that if our outer world is a reflection of our inner world then we create the negative events draw the people towards us. When we let go of how we feel about these events and people, they disappear from our lives and we are free of the issue.

This is the essence of Ho’oponopono, a Hawaiian form of reconciliation and forgiveness. It teaches that saying ‘I love you’ to something greater than ourselves is the direct route to healing any problem in our lives by healing it in ourselves first. Recognising how we feel then saying ‘I love you’ allows us to appeal to ourselves at soul level. We put down our sword and stop fighting the problem. We trust in something bigger than ourselves to help us.

Become responsible for your own recovery

Our own logic, based on our own belief system, squeezes our problems to fit our own perceptions. We tell the counsellor what we need, or rather, what we think we need. However, we don't heal on a logical level we heal and let go on an energetic level. Some people spend years in therapy yet never seem to get very far.

When we rely too heavily on our therapist or counsellor we give our power away. We need to become responsible for our own recovery. No therapist with any amount of training will ever know you as well as you know yourself.

We let go from the heart not the head. Working energetically on an emotional level and trusting in something bigger to do the healing will allow us to release the negative emotions we feel. When we work in this way we are led to the very root of our problem and the negative charge is dissolved. Once this release has taken place the issue will not bother us again.

To recover from any problem or issue in our lives takes a sustained effort every day by ourselves. The therapist is there to support and feedback during sessions but the main work has to be done by us.

If we only see a therapist once or twice we may get rid of a symptom but we can never let go of the issue at its core in such a short space of time.

We need to work hand in hand with our therapist, to learn from them techniques like EFT so that we can use them every day at home. Otherwise, we go along to therapy once a week and will have six days of doing nothing.

It only takes a short time to work on yourself each day. A good therapist will support you in the process until working on improving yourself becomes as normal as brushing your teeth. So, no excuses and no complications you have more power than you think. Once you decide to change for the better you’ve already taken the first step.

EFT in the news!

 EFT used to treat depression and could soon be available on the NHS. An article about how so many professionals are now using EFT (or Tapping), and find it effective and why they think it should be offered on the NHS. 


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